the WODmat
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A premium, Non-Toxic (PVC Free, Phthalate Free, Latex Free),  oversized and non-slip exercise mat.  The WODmat is perfect for your home, the beach, box, gym or wherever you like to workout.

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People are saying

I worked out with the WODmat today at the firehouse. The WODmat kept me off the dirty, hard floor.

Ryan Thomas, Firefighter

Ryan Thomas
Allison Knapp

Doing Burpees on my own personal WODmat kept me clean and was much easier on my knees.

Allison Knapp, Crossfit Evolve


I love using the Wodmat for my Crossfit™ WODs, it helps keep me off the floor and keeps my clothes cleaner.

Katie McKeon, Crossfit Evolve


What is WODmat?


WODmat™ a large, durable personal exercise/yoga mat.  It is ideal for floor-based workouts that include burpees, push-ups,  handstand pushups, sit-ups and much more.  It is large enough to keep your hands and feet on the mat at all times. WODmat’s high-density, closed cell material is non-toxic, PVC Free, phthalate free, latex free,  and easy to clean.  It’s also perfect for yoga.

What’s Special About WODmat?

WODmat™ boasts an extra wide, extra thick high-density closed cell mat. WODmat is easy to clean with a non-slip surface. What’s more is that WODmat™ is non-toxic, biodegradable and recyclable.  It’s even Latex free.

It’s affordable, easy to keep and will save you from your nasty gym floor.